Metro Star is on right track with development of pedestrian bridge
The Metro Star project will have a pedestrian bridge to connect with Metro Station 10

The bridge is an important piece of infrastructure connecting the project with the metro station, ensure the safety of pedestrians by giving them access to the station without crossing the highway. The bridge will offer convenience to future homeowners at Metro Star as well as residents in populous neighbourhoods in the east of Ho Chi Minh City.

Accelerating the development of projects surrounding metro lines According to CBRE, property projects within about 500 metres of metro lines will enjoy higher prices after handover. The main reason is the rising demand for residential projects in prime locations with connected infrastructure. Thus, many homebuyers are actively looking for projects along the metro lines.

With high pricing, these projects can also bring in higher yields and better liquidity for homebuyers and investors.  

The developer is accelerating the progress of the Metro Star project along with the construction of the pedestrian bridge and metro line. The Metro Star developer built the section connected to the pedestrian bridge according to the agreement signed between Metro Star and the Urban Railway Management Board.

To ensure construction progress, Metro Star works with a team of prestigious partners including contractor Ricons and French management consultancy Apave. The project also applies modern technology such as Japanese piling techniques, sliding scaffolding system and aluminum formwork to complete a floor within only five days. In particular, the piles are manufactured by Phan Vu Investment Corporation – Vietnam’s leading foundation pile enterprise – to ensure the best quality while the piling process is monitored by top-notch Japanese experts Katsuaki Kobayashi and Yoshikazu Suzuki.

As the metro line is slated to be put into operation at the end of 2021, homeowners at Metro Star will be able to easily access the station come rain or shine, receiving house guests or going shopping and dining out.

Metro Star – convenience and green living environment along new metro line

The Metro Star project is located on the largest roundabout on Hanoi Highway – the most beautiful boulevard of the East of Saigon, which is also the connection point with the Ring Road 2 via Pham Van Dong and Mai Chi Tho streets.

The project is designed by Singapore's leading designer Axis. Metro Star is a commercial-residential development featuring two main products including apartments and shophouses.

Despite the rising land prices in the area, the project still develops 100 on-site amenities with large green spaces to offer residents an ideal living space.

metro star is on right track with development of pedestrian bridge
The refined living environment with green space is the highlight of Metro Star project

Besides the green living space, the project features many unique selling points. Metro Star is home to a shopping district drawing inspiration from Myeongdong in Seoul. There are also a lot of other amenities surrounding Metro Star to bring quality life for residents.

Metro Star is situated in a prime location in Thu Duc City, which is a populous area with many businesses in operation. This will lay a strong foundation for the project to get better yield once put into operation. The developer also connects shophouse owners with potential retailers or offer rent support in the first year.

Metro Star creates Singapore living standards for residents in the heart of Thu Duc City. Meanwhile, Shophouse Metro Star brings Myeongdong style to Saigoners including shopping, entertainment, and food areas.

“Location, location, location” is a common mantra in real estate. Once the pedestrian bridge is launched, residents can enjoy higher yields from their strategic location next to the metro line. Opportunities are open to those who are keen to see double profits and capitalise on the new metro line and the residential centre of Thu Duc City.

In particular, the developer of Metro Star offers affordable prices for homebuyers and investors to increase profit margins in the future. Customers also receive loan support from banks up to 80 per cent of the product’s value. Meanwhile, the developer of Metro Star will support customers with interest rates for up to 12 months.

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By Thanh Van
Source: VIR
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